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Sharing Menu…


Línia is a Mediterranean restaurant that offers a menu designed to share. Catalonia has a long tradition in the making of some of the best products in the world and Línia showcases the freshest fish and seafood from Llançà, rice and grilled meat cooked over firewood, a selection of healthy dishes, cheeses and artisan breads. This can be followed by an extensive list of homemade sweets.

The chef is committed to finding the best seasonal products and respecting their essence. We hope to provoke a memory with its flavor and stimulate all the senses of our guests.


From 7am to 11am.
Begin your day with our homemade pastries, breads and jams, and selection of fresh fruit and artisanal cheeses. We have chosen specially roasted beans to deliver and amazing cup of coffee.
Whether you have limited time or all the time in the world, we will accommodate
From 13:00 to 15:30
Let us provide the knowledge along with the best product, so you can enjoy every minute of the experience.
Snacks offering from Monday to Friday, business days.
L'Hora Dolça with Lucila Canero
From 4pm to 7pm.
Every afternoon, you can enjoy a selection of desserts made by our pastry chef, Lucila Canero.

Her philosophy is based on simplicity, well-defined flavors, and sweetness, made with precise techniques. Never too many flavors in one bite, but on the contrary, limited and well harmonized.
We transform the place for you
From 7:30pm to 10:30pm.
Our selection of tastes, colors and scents take you on a journey of sensations that you will want to share.
There is always time for a good glass of wine
Inspired by traditional wine bars, Línia presents a fusion between the old and the new. Not only is the spotlight on our barmen who create the finest selection of cocktails, but you will also find one of the most complete collections of the regional wine of Jerez.